Vertical Coiling Fire Doors
Insulated vertical coiling fire doors are designed for interior or exterior applications where climate / temperature control is an issue and fire protection is also necessary.
These are usually openings in fire walls which are exposed to the elements of nature or openings in areas which require climate control.
Acoustical fire doors are ideal for openings which require both sound control and fire protection.
Ready for Powerfull Protection,
primarily used for security and crowd control
Fire and Smoke Protection
Unlike conventional fire door designs, the rate of descent is controlled by a centrifugal governor at a rate of 6 to 9 inches per second and once power is re-energized, The fire alarm or smoke detection signal has cleared. The fire door automatically resets without the need of any tools or a technician, Auto-Set® fire doors are easily tested and automatically reset.
Product Highlights
Available with up to a 4 hour fire rating.
Available as a Smoke and Draft rated assembly.
Utilizes the Auto-Set automatic resetting technology.
Custom designed to any height & up to 24 m. in width.
Retracts into the plenum when in the stored fire ready position.
Available as a Smoke and Draft rated assembly.
Manufacturer Info
Vertical Coiling Fire Doors are ideal for use in schools, hospitals, convention centers, museums, airports, hotels and industrial facilities.
They are frequently used in area separations, occupancy separations and corridor separations.