Traffic Barriers
All our traffic barriers are designed to operate without gearboxes - the motor simply reverses,This means that they have very few moving parts and are extremely reliable.
All traffic barriers are supplied with a logic controller that accommodates a ground safety loop as standard so that it is not possible for a barrier arm to come down on a vehicle.
The traffic barriers can simply be bolted down to any concrete pad so they are simple and easy to install.
Innovative and Ideal Solutions
professional partner for parking systems
Ideal for sites with light traffic flow where non-paying access is required like office car parks, factory car parks or hotel car parks.
Highest Safety
The automatic obstruction detection ensures the optimum protection.
When it contacts an obstacle the barrier opens automatically and ensures that no vehicle is touched.
Advantages of Traffic Barrier Units
  • Automatic closing function.
  • Protection from overloading.
  • Maximum boom length: 6 m.
  • Opening speed: max. 7 sec.
  • Simple and fast mounting - "Plug and move".
  • Barrier is delivered with right or left-hand closing.
  • Compact and slim profile in powder coated or stainless steel as requested.
  • Unobtrusive and very easy to site.
  • Wide variety of remote access control and safety.