Automatic Swinging Doors
Automation considerably enhances the user comfort of a traditional, manually-operated door.
The flow of pedestrian traffic is increased. Cumbersome, difficult-to-open doors become much easier to use, A motion detector can be used to provide contact-free access.
Reliable door closure prevents a loss of valuable heated or cooled air in the building, resulting in big energy savings.
The Convenient,
high-performance solution
Manually operated swing doors can be automated even after installation, Trouble- free opening and closing improves access and makes life easier.
Automated door closure helps keep out airborne dust, wind gusts, odours and noise.
The sense of well-being and security is enhanced by freely-configurable monitoring elements & additional functions.
Flexible and Functional Applications
Wherever people work, travel, live, are cared for or congregate, there is a need for doors to facilitate or control their comings and goings.
The automation of doors offers smooth access with unobstructed entry and exit.
Manufacturer Info
Maximum Performance
Swing-door drive units are ideal both for new installations and building upgrades.
Lightweight doors, heavy gates and even fire-rated doors can be automated without difficulty.