Automatic Sliding Walls
Automatic Sliding Wall System provides a simple, convenient way to divide open indoor areas, ideal for separating open areas in places were security is a top priority.
The transparency of the closed sliding wall adds an air of ample elegance to the divided rooms.
Draughts, cold, heat, dust and noise are all efficiently controlled by the installation of an automatic sliding wall systems.
Maximum Flexibility
in room design
Freedom of Design
In the normal operating mode the door opener reliably opens and closes the door, thus allowing for a barrier-free and contact-less passage.
Convertible Room Design
There is a constant growing demand for improved floor space usage.
Showrooms, conference rooms, companies schools and hotels all require greater flexibility in the use of available space.
The required room volume can now be configured at short notice at the push of a button.
Individuality emphasised
by shape, colour and
material choice
Individual Design Possibilities for Partitioning
Angular, curved or straight sliding wall configurations with a wide range of stacking area methods and invisible automation elements ensure a smooth integration into the overall architectural concept.
The slim profile system requires minimum space.
Manufacturer Info
Flexible Layout Conception
Thanks to the virtually unlimited layout possibilities, the automatic wall systems can be designed to fit into any architectural concept.