Sliding Fire Doors
Novoferm fire-resistant sliding doors are suitable both for low headers and for butt ceiling installation.
Their outstanding features include excellent running properties and their attractive appearance thanks to the perfectly even surface.
Forcible opening is a thing of the past, Now all it takes is a tap; Thanks to the innovative free swing function, light pressure is now all it takes to move a fire-resistant sliding door into the required position.
Freely Positionable,
any intermediate position is possible
Numerous benefits are offered by fire-resistant sliding doors with free swing function;
Particularly easy to open and close.
No need for a pass door or electrical operation in many cases.
Building code approved for single and double-leaf SKE fire-resistant sliding doors.
Free swing function is approved for all door sizes with standard lintels.
Can be easily retrofitted on existing doors.
Purely mechanical solution, No additional wiring needed, no additional inspection scope required.
Fire-resistant sliding doors are a crucial element in any industrial or commercially used building.
They reliably isolate fire sections without compromising in-house logistics processes.
Manufacturer Info
Thanks to the free swing function
A light push is all it takes and the fire resistant sliding doors move virtually on their own.
The requisite self-closing in the event of a fire is, of course, still guaranteed´╗┐.