Sliding and Swinging Forged Gates
We can design, manufacture and install automated gates that will fit all types of properties.
An automated gate allows you to control access to your property, giving you control over all visitors, It also ensures that when you leave your property the gate will automatically close behind you and on your return you will no longer have to exit your vehicle to gain access.
Whether it is for home or company,
it is provides more than a welcome to your property
Our gates are functional, dependable and robust, as well as aesthetically pleasing.
Our automated gates are designed to offer you security, be aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and affordable.
They are designed so that with regular maintenance they will offer you years of trouble free use.
Royal Gate's Sliding and Swinging Gates System provides more than a welcome to your property.
Weather it is for your home or your company, it gives your premises stature.