Sectional Garage Doors
The Novoferm setcional garage door is comprised of individual elements, so-called sections, which are connected together by hinges.
This way the garage door is able to open vertically while conveniently rolling upwards and underneath the ceiling without requiring any additional space for swinging outwards in front of the garage.
Setcional garage door offers to you a perfect convenience, security and optimum saving of space.
Unlimited Flexibility
automated technology from just one source
Operating Advantages at a Glance
Quick and easy operation via hand transmitter, Apart from the hand transmitter, the operator can also be operated via a push button, key button or coded key pad, which are mounted to the garage wall.
Soft start and stop function.
Completely safe against scanning due to automatic signal decoding.
Simple programming via menu-guided control with 7 segment display.
Power saving, only requires 4 Watts whilst on standby.
Manufacturer Info
Integrated Safety Features
Your safety always comes first!
That's why the garage door itself and all garage door related parts are fitted with a myriad of safety features.
The shutdown automatic device ensures that the door stops and immediately opens as soon as it comes up against an obstacle.