Roller Shutters Drives
MFZ Ovitor, the leading supplier to Industrial gate drives for roll-up gates and roller shutters with integrated safety catch device.
The MDF series of MFZ slip-on drives are characterised by their compact
design, facilitating the widest range of installation possibilities.
The maintenance-free safety catch device is already integrated and therefore offers the safest option for the gate.
Power, Stability and Quality
special requirements for individual clients
With a complete series from 100 to 1000 Nm, MFZ provides the right solution in this category for every on-site situation.
In addition, special requirements for individual clients can be quickly and flexibly achieved at any time.
MDF Drives Advantages
  • CNC-fabricated cast aluminium housing for the highest precision.
  • Lifetime lubrication maintenance-free.
  • Self-aligning bearings for a secure gate bearing point.
  • High quality bronze worm gear for high durability and stability.
  • Rolled worm shaft for high durability, stability and quiet running.
  • High retention force and self-impedance for the greatest possible safety.