Residential Roller Shutters
Gimenez Ganga systems that allows rolling the shutter inside the box without brickwork, small dimensions and it is ideal to use in new building or renovation and compatible with all kind of houses.
Gimenez Ganga systems is placed outside the house and you do not need change the components that you have before, compatible any type of carpentry in the market and avoids the traditional brick-box.
Attractive, Stylish and Reliable
we can emphasize its big range of colors
Made of the Last Technology
Gimenez Ganga roller shuters give you the possibility to try the quality and design of aluminium slats Thermal and Extruded roller shutters; made of the last technology and following strict controls of quality.
Acoustic properties
Safety against housebreaking
Posibilty to
control sun intake
Box made of lacquered aluminium covered in enamel which is highly resistant