Industrial Sectional Doors
All Novoferm industrial doors and services have for a significant part been designed by users.
The sectional door is the most commonly used solution to close off an opening of an industrial property.
The sectional door offers an attractive appearance, a robust closure mechanism, excellent insulation value and, should we forget, a safe and user-friendly operation for any industrial or commercial property.
Style and Concreteness,
developed based on demand
When Energy is the Determining Factor
The Thermo sectional door is made up of 45 mm thick steel sandwich panels, They have excellent thermal insulation.
Offers a good solution for heated warehouse and storage areas and designed with regard to every detail.
As the door opens, the sections slide back under the ceiling. Torsion springs balance the door's weight, making manual operation possible.
In addition to the standard lift track system, high lift, vertical lift, roof angle and low headroom track systems are also available.
Manufacturer Info
Insulated Sectional Overhead Doors
Novoferm's insulated sectional overhead door, fully glazed for maximum natural light ingress, available with either manual or electric operation, These doors are used in industrial buildings and public utilities.