Industrial Roller Grills
The Roller Grill systems that are intended for use in applications where both security and emergency egress are required, They are light weight when compared to other door or wall products.
In the event of an emergency, power failure, activation of a facility's fire alarm system or smoke detection system, the security grille automatically retracts to the fully open position.
Ideal, Modern and Secure
synthesis of functionality and flexibility
Product Highllights
Eliminates the need for unsightly multiple banks of swinging doors and frames.
Provides a safe, efficient and economical means of solving the emergency egress versus security problem.
Self opens at a controlled rate of ascent of 6 to 9 inches per second without the aid of electricity or battery back-up systems.
Utilizes the auto-set automatic resetting technology.
These units provide a safe, efficient and economical means to solve the emergency egress versus
security problem.
They are ideal for schools, hospitals, office buildings and airport applications.
Manufacturer Info
Side Coiling Grilles
Side Coiling Doors and Grilles are side activated closures designed with curtains constructed of solid slats, perforated curtain slats or of a security open type grille curtain.
They can be used in retail, commercial schools, hospitals, and parking facilities.