High Speed Doors
High Speed Doors Solutions = Fast, Functional and Individual, Not only are the safety standards and operating processes becoming ever more challenging in industry, energy costs are also soaring.
High Speed Doors open and close extremely fast and therefore not only ensure optimized processes but also consistent temperatures in production halls and companies.
These Doors systems allow you to quickly and effectively take advantage of existing potential.
Safe, Quick and Actively,
actively reduce your operating costs!
Numerous benefits are offered by fire-resistant sliding doors with free swing function;
Particularly easy to open and close.
No need for a pass door or electrical operation in many cases.
Building code approved for single and double-leaf SKE fire-resistant sliding doors.
Free swing function is approved for all door sizes with standard lintels.
Can be easily retrofitted on existing doors.
Purely mechanical solution, No additional wiring needed, no additional inspection scope required.
Fire-resistant sliding doors are a crucial element in any industrial or commercially used building.
They reliably isolate fire sections without compromising in-house logistics processes.
Flex Edge
The 'Flex Edge' is flexible and soft and accordingly gives a feeling of safety.
Safe Doors
Novoferm develops and manufactures new products strictly in compliance with these standards and guarantees safe functionality, not just in daily use
but also during installation and maintenance.
Manufacturer Info
The Low Cost Aluminium Door
The ideal solution where speed is not the decisive factor.
An opening speed of 1 metre per second, this door is suitable for universal indoor and outdoor use.