Automatic Cercular Sliding Doors
Kaba-Gilgen's circular Sliding Doors lend the entrance area a particular distinction.
This touch of elegance is especially attractive in curved façades, Well-tried assembly modules guarantee maximum user comfort and the highest degree of availability.
A comprehensive range of functional features and of control and safety elements, selected to match the structural situation, guarantee customer-oriented solutions.
Aesthetic creative design
Combined with maximum functionality
Freedom of Design
The curved shape allows convenient proportions to be created where space is restricted. Convex or concave doors in any desired radius, full or half circle configurations and a self supporting steel structure not only enables freedom of design, but also guarantees harmonious integration into surrounding and existing architecture.
Convenience and Safety
The circular sliding door system allows maximum user comfort and features such as auto-reverse and safety stopping mechanisms guarantee the highest degree of safety.
The Multi-Point Locking Mechanism Provides
Extra Security
The multi-point locking mechanism ensures fast and reliable locking and unlocking the door.
Manufacturer Info
The Compact Porch System
An excellent climatic separation can be achieved without the slightest prejudice to the high user frequency of these doors.