Automatic Break-Out Sliding Doors
In the event of an emergency it is important that users can evacuate the building with the same rapidease as they entered.
During everyday use, the automatic door performs its task as a convenient contact-free passage, butin the event of an emergency or fire it is rapidly transformed into a safe and reliable fire escape route.
The door leaves are fitted with break-out fittings which enable the door to be pushed open.
One Door, Three Functions
SLX Break-Out door systems
Comfortable Sliding Door
In the normal operating mode the door opener reliably opens and closes the door, thus allowing for a barrier-free and contact-less passage.
Safe Escape Way
In an emergency situation, the installations can be safely and easily opened.
The wings are equipped with pivot fittings and can be manually swung out in same manner as a swing door to release the escape and rescue way in the event of a fire or even if assaulted by a panicked & stampeding crowd.
Practical Total Door Opening System
The pivoted Sliding Wings and side panels can be pushed to the side to achieve a full opening width on warm and sunny days.
The Multi-Point Locking Mechanism Provides
Extra Security
The multi-point locking mechanism ensures fast and reliable locking and unlocking the door.
Manufacturer Info
Practical Full-Width Opening System
The TUV-tested SLX Break-Out sliding door system in its elegant & transparent design is suitable for multifunctional applications.