Automatic Sliding Doors
Automatic doors not only provide a comfortable, convenient environment for all users but also ensure that doors open when required, and more importantly close after use conserving valuable energy.
  • Convenient, contact-free access and extremely safe.
  • Energy efficient and can be thermally insulated.
  • Functional and aesthetically pleasing.
Innovative and Dynamic
SLX , SLX-M and SLA door systems
Innovative and Dynamic
Users who require hands-free operation, such as persons encumbered with bags and bagg-
age, appreciate the trouble-free opening and closing of doors.
Just imagine how much more hygienic public toilets would become if hands never came into contact withdoor handles.
Creative Design
The wide range of available designs and functions combine to provide flexible integration into virtually any overall architectural concept.
Scan Pulse Generator Protects as it Opens
The Combi-Scan with fan-shaped safety scanning area generates the impulse that opens the door.
Manufacturer Info
Practical and Durable at all Levels
Optimised door-adjustment range, alsocompatible with door panels from other suppliers.