McKEON Doors Systems
Founded in 1946, McKeon Door is a full line manufacturer of overhead and side activated coiling grilles, doors, fire door systems and custom engineered closures.

McKeon emphasis on special purpose fire door systems has provided design professionals with options and product performance not previously available.

Such product innovation includes horizontal fire shutters for protecting openings between floors as well as vertical and side acting fire door systems which provide fire and smoke protection while allowing for emergency egress.
Manufacturer Products
Industrial Roller Grills
The Roller Grill systems that are intended for use in applications where both security and emergency egress are required, They are light weight when compared to other door or wall products, In the event of an emergency, power failure, activation of a facility's fire alarm system or smoke detection system, the security grille automatically retracts to the fully open position.
Vertical Coiling Fire Doors
Insulated vertical coiling fire doors are designed for interior or exterior applications where climate - temperature control is an issue and fire protection is also necessary.
These are usually openings in fire walls which are exposed to the elements of nature or openings in areas which require climate control.
Horizontal Fire Shutters
The horizontal fire shutters prevent the migration of heat, smoke or hot / toxic gases by creating vertical compartments thereby separating the vertical spaces from one another.
Smoke evacuation systems can become unnecessary and one horizontal fire shutter can be used in lieu of numerous conventional fire barries on multiple floors.