Kaba-Gilgen Door Systems AG
he company began life in 1961, As a successful company with a sense of tradition, The production and administrative operations are headquartered in Switzerland.

Kaba-Gilgen Door Systems products are designed to meet the needs of virtually all types of architectural entrance design.

Gilgen Door Systems operating to ISO 9001: 2008 has a worldwide presence, with a workforce of more than 900 employees, seven subsidiaries and further representation in some 70 different countries.
Manufacturer Products
Automatic Sliding Door systems
Opening doors for your visitors. A welcoming entrance creates a friendly atmosphere and favourable first impressions, Whether users come loaded with luggage or shopping, or trying to keep children in order, automatic doors ensure unobstructed, trouble-free access.
Automatic Break-Out Sliding Doors
Just as convenient access/egress to buildings and internal rooms are required, a reliable way of quickly exiting in the event of an emergency is also vital, Our automatic Break-Out doors can fulfil emergency-exit requirements in various ways.
Automatic Circular Sliding Doors
With a wide range of configuration possibilities, the Gilgen automatic curved sliding doors can add a unique design touch to any building entrance, This automatic door with carefully-matched colours can compliment the design characteristics of any building entrance.
Automatic Sliding Wall Systems
Whether they are angled, curved or straight, our sliding wall systems - with their wide range of folding / stacking configurations and concealed automatic drive systems - blend seamlessly into any overall architectural design.
Automatic Swinging Doors
The Gilgen swing-door drive unit is designed for automatic swing doors and/or for the automation of manually-operated doors.